How to reach Kachiguda Railway Station Nimboliadda Kachiguda Hyderabad Telangana

In this article, you will know all the routes to reach kachiguda railway station nimboliadda kachiguda hyderabad telangana.

Let’s start the journey…

Public Transport:

MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System):

  • Most Convenient: This train network efficiently connects various parts of Hyderabad to Kachiguda. Board any MMTS train heading towards Falaknuma Station and alight at Kachiguda Railway Station. This station is directly below the main railway station, offering easy access to platforms.
  • Travel Time: Varies depending on your boarding station, typically 10-30 minutes from Secunderabad or central Hyderabad.
  • Cost: Fares are affordable, typically INR 5-15 depending on distance.


  • Extensive Network: Numerous buses connect different areas of Hyderabad to Kachiguda:
    • 2, 3, 141, 1/25S, 2C, 1P/25S, 2U, 2V, 2Z, 6C, 136H, 252H, 6HW, 6K, 6M, 6S, 3B (these are just some examples, check specific routes based on your origin).
    • Many other buses stop at nearby locations like Secunderabad Railway Station, Afzalgunj Bus Station, or Barkas, requiring a short walk.
  • Affordable: Fares typically range from INR 5-15.
  • Cons: Can be slow and prone to traffic congestion. Walking from bus stops might be required.


  • Budget-Friendly: If coming from further distances, consider trains reaching Secunderabad Railway Station or Hyderabad Railway Station. From there, take the MMTS or a bus to Kachiguda as mentioned above.
  • Travel Time: Varies depending on your origin station within the network.
  • Cost: Train fare + metro/bus fare as mentioned above.

Other Conveyance Option:


  • Door-to-Door Comfort: Book a cab through Ola, Uber, or local providers for a hassle-free journey directly to Kachiguda Railway Station. Ideal with luggage, short on time, or prioritizing convenience.
  • Drop-off Point: Get dropped off at the main entrance of the station.
  • Travel Time: 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Cost: Most expensive option, fares vary based on distance and chosen car type.

Auto Rickshaws:

  • Good for Short Distances: Suitable if coming from nearby areas like Afzalgunj or Barkas. Remember to negotiate the fare before boarding.
  • Drop-off Point: Get dropped off as close as possible to the station entrance.
  • Travel Time: 5-10 minutes depending on distance and traffic.
  • Cost: Affordable for short trips, fare negotiation required.


  • Healthy and Eco-Friendly: If coming from nearby areas within Nimboliadda or Kachiguda itself, walking or cycling might be viable options for short distances. The area around the station offers pedestrian pathways and some cycling infrastructure.
  • Travel Time: 10-15 minutes depending on distance and pace.
  • Cost: Free!


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach kachiguda railway station nimboliadda kachiguda hyderabad telangana hassle-free.

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