How to Taj Mahal Dharmapuri Forest Colony Tajganj Agra Uttar Pradesh 282001

Dharmapuri Forest Colony is located in Tajganj, Agra. In this article, you will know all the routes to reach taj mahal dharmapuri forest colony tajganj agra uttar pradesh 282001.

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Public Transport:


  • Affordable and Scenic: Several trains connect major cities to Agra Cantt Station, located around 5 km from Dharmapuri Forest Colony. Popular options include trains from Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior, and Varanasi. From the station, you can:
    • Taxis/Cabs: Book a cab for a convenient and direct ride to your destination. Travel time is around 15-20 minutes depending on traffic.
    • Auto Rickshaws: Negotiate a fare with an auto rickshaw driver for a shorter and more adventurous journey. Travel time is 10-15 minutes.
    • Buses: Take local buses like 103 or 104 from Agra Cantt Station to Tajganj. These are quite affordable but can be crowded, especially during peak hours. Travel time can be 20-30 minutes due to stops.


  • Budget-Friendly: Several state-run and private buses connect various cities to Agra’s main bus stand, ISBT. From there, you can:
    • Local Buses: Take buses like 103 or 104 to Tajganj. Similar to Agra Cantt Station options, these are affordable but crowded.
    • Taxis/Cabs: Book a cab at the bus stand for a more comfortable journey to Dharmapuri Forest Colony. Travel time is around 15-20 minutes.

Local Rickshaws (Tongas):

  • Unique Experience: Experience Agra’s traditional horse-drawn carriage ride directly to Dharmapuri Forest Colony. While charming, negotiate the fare clearly beforehand and be prepared for slower travel times.

Other Options:


  • Door-to-Door Convenience: Book a cab through Ola, Uber, or local providers for a hassle-free journey directly from your origin to your specific location within Dharmapuri Forest Colony. Ideal with luggage, short on time, or prioritizing comfort. Travel time depends on your origin.

Auto Rickshaws:

  • Good for Short Distances: If coming from nearby areas within Agra, like Sadar Bazaar or Sanjay Place, auto rickshaws offer a quick and affordable option. Negotiate the fare beforehand. Travel time is 5-10 minutes.


  • Exploring the City: If staying close to Tajganj, consider walking to Dharmapuri Forest Colony. This allows you to soak in the local atmosphere and enjoy the surroundings. Walk time is 15-20 minutes from the main gate of the Taj Mahal.


You can use the any of the above transportation modes to reach taj mahal dharmapuri forest colony tajganj agra uttar pradesh 282001 easily.

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